Last night, I saw The Butler in Manhattan. For those not in the know, it’s about a man that works in the White House (…as a butler) and goes on to serve eight Presidents during his career. In the row ahead of me was Chuck Schumer, a Senator from New York. I was curious what he thought of the syrupy, but effective film, especially since he’s been in politics sense the 1970’s, and likely had some interaction with Ronald Reagan (played by Alan Rickman; all the Presidents portrayed felt like stunt casting to me, but they all did a good job. Even John Cusack as Richard Nixon, who gave Tricky Dick an oddly sympathetic sheen). I wanted to ask, but this is NYC, and people do their damnedest to downplay even the most obscure celebrity sightings, so I let it go.

Danny Strong

Danny Strong

My friend and I were walking to a diner after the film, and I was telling him about Danny Strong, the screenwriter of The Butler (he has a bit part in the film, too). Strong is also an actor, maybe best known for playing a reoccurring role on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which I’m a big fan of. Strong has had an interesting career, starting as sort of a TV character actor, and then reinventing himself as an award winning screenwriter. Maybe thirty seconds after blabbing these details to my friend, we walk past Strong (who appeared to be on a date). I pointed him out to my buddy, but he was sort of dumbfounded as he doesn’t know what Danny Strong looks like.

Anyway, despite being a fan, this is NYC. So I let Strong go about his evening without saying anything.


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