Coffin Hop 2013: Historical Characters that are overused

party on.

party on.

Coffin Hop snuck up on me, even with the constant reminders from Axel Howerton, one of the main show-runners of the hop. This year is pretty exciting, as Axel and the Coffin Hoppers put together an anthology called Death By Drive-In to benefit, non-profit organization supporting child literacy. 

A lot of fun authors are involved, including one of my favorite writers in the horror genre,  CW Lasart. The web comic I write, Robot Lincoln & Zombie Jackson has a brand new two page story in Death By Drive-In, the first new material we’ve put out in a year for our beloved undead Presidents. Artist Jeff Wilson really went above and beyond in cramming a lot of great B-movie references into just two pages; it’s a must see. Buy a copy for a good cause and some super fun reading.

Anyway, as a part of the official blog hop, I need to run some sort of contest. I saw a recent article on io9 titled “10 Historical Figures We’re Sick of Seeing in Science Fiction”, complete with an image of Abraham Lincoln (he ranks in at #8). Obviously, I am guilty of using Abe in my comic book, and it got me thinking of other historical figures I think are overused. Personally, I feel like Hitler could be given a rest.

So with that in mind, the contest is as follows:

Which historical figure are you sick of seeing in fiction, and why?

The answer I like best will receive a grab bag of Robot Lincoln & Zombie Jackson goodies, to include a T-shirt, a copy of the first issue, and a groovy mug.

Go to for the rest of the list of bloggers and reap your free Halloween stuff; good times.



43 thoughts on “Coffin Hop 2013: Historical Characters that are overused

  1. Lately? Tesla, fo shizz. Though both Bowie and John C Reilly gave mad excellent performances as ol’ Nik.

    Overused in general, though? Napoleon. Except in BILL & TED. He was the fucking BOMB in BILL & TED, yo.

  2. Jack the Ripper. Obviously, there have been some stories using him (or sometimes her, them–since the identity is unknown authors can really be creative with it) that were really good, but oh my lord it’s been overdone to death.

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  4. Since I already have the comic and a nice shirt (Thanks to the lovely Craig Garrett) I will refrain from entering the contest. I couldn’t help but stop by though and thank Craig for the wonderful shout out! You should all read his comic, it’s hilarious and creepy. I couldn’t put it down! ❤

  5. Weirdly, my answer would have to be Edgar Allan Poe… which is so unfortunate, because I love me some Poe! But it feels as though the mainstream media has decided Poe is cool and should be referenced all the damn time. Started watching The Following on Netflix, which is a cool show, but all the Poe references are sort of “been there, done that.” Somebody on the show even commented that a murder similar to the Cask of Amontillado was “classic Poe”… as if there’s anything other than “classic” Poe. I mean, the guy’s not around anymore, right? It’s ALL classic. Anyway, I’m making my way through Death By Drive-In right now and I look forward to reading the Robot Lincoln and Zombie Jackson comic!

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  8. Hi, Craig. I’m a big music fan, so I’m going to take this in another direction. How about Elvis? To borrow from Van Halen, Elvis was “on top of the world for a little while”, and we’ve made him out to be a joke now. We need to let the man rest and allow the future generations to discover what he means to Rock n Roll.
    It’s just a thought.
    Happy Coffin Hopping


  9. Samuel Clemens and Charles Dickens both come to mind, the former most famously from the River World Series and the latter from Doctor Who (among other places of course, like popping up from under toadstools and appearing on burned toast). Did I just compare Dickens and Clemens to Jesus? No, I compared them to overcooked bread. Speaking of gods, with the steady growth in popularity of the Cthulhu Mythos, I’m thinking Lovecraft will become our new favorite overused historical figure. Or Azathoth.

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